10 Best Betting Sites in the UK (July 2019)?

Bet365 have great odds, a lot of chances to put a wager on North American and global sports, combined with a user-friendly betting platform, will give you a great experience.
You have the opportunity to wager on almost any sport. Beginning from football, basketball, tennis, handball, cricket, volleyball to MMA and boxing.
At Bet365, you can use your phone or tablet, to put your wager. The platform is 100% compatible with IOS, Windows, Android devices. You may read more information here.
This website’s another fantastic all-rounder and, like Coral, their accumulator betting choices would be the envy of lesser websites.
Besides the accumulator features, there’s a lot to like about Bet365. Like many of the websites on our list, this company offers excellent odds on over 30 distinct sports, you can play games and visit the online casino.
We love a live streaming centre and Bet365 streams an impressive 100,000 sports events each year! Because of this, it is possible that Bet365’s online streaming outstrips that of Coral, William Hill as well as Paddy Power.
To complement their intuitive site and a fantastic assortment of sports, Bet365 frequently offers excellent deals.
Other great advantage is the high limits offered by the bookmaker, from 1 million to soccer to 5 million to golfing.
Lastly, like every critical bookies, Bet365 provides other games such as slots, blackjack, and so on. But they won’t push hard to attempt it. If you would like to place only sports bets, it is fine.
In case you haven’t checked out this site, we have recommended heading there now!

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