About 430 working women in Indonesia participated in the survey

senate proposal attempts to limit airline fees

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cheap air max 95 Imagine if, in 20 years, along with our buildings and homes becoming net producers of energy, our yards and vacant lots become producers of food and places of biological vitality. That is a tangible gift we can bequeath to our children. About 32% said that their companies are not sensitive to the needs of working mothers, with another 43% saying that their companies are considerate to working mothers.On a final note, about 91% of working women surveyed said that their companies do not provide childcare facilities, in contrast to only 2% who said their companies do provide such facilities.About 430 working women in Indonesia participated in the survey in April 2011.About 48% of respondents said that flexible working hours is the main priority after they have children, while 36% said that higher salaries are most preferred. Elsewhere, about 47% said that they will remain working as usual after having children, as opposed to 29% who said that they will resume later after a brief period of non work.When asked about how long their non work period is, about 50% said that they will stop working for less than a year, while 21% said that they will stop working for one to two years. cheap air max 95

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