Before they were filmed, canada goose outlet price they

His parents trying to admit he’s a d bag without actually having to say he is

I canada goose jacket uk sure did. He got the next girlfriend pregnant. About canada goose outlet factory two months before his unborn son was due, he pulled some serious nonsense and got arrested. He was sentenced to two years in prison (a light sentence).But it gets worse. Since he’s a vet on disability, his benefits are suspended while incarcerated. That includes benefits for any children. He did not work his VA benefits were his only source of income. She filed for paternity which canada goose outlet black friday sale he contested. But outside of prison, he didn’t even have a job to garnish wages from.So canada goose outlet not only does that woman have to deal with being a single parent, but she and her child get zilch. Because he fucked up. The “partum” refers to the baby being separated from the mother body. That being said, I definitely believe he has some form of depression. A huge percentage of addicts are dual diagnosis patients, meaning they have some type of mental illness, which they likely are attempting canada goose outlet online store review to self medicate with their drug of choice. Especially when, in the US, many fathers don’t get much paid parental leave and thus don’t get time to support their partner/bond with their baby. Sorry, I didn’t mean to rant, and I am not all implying that any of these are your views. I totally agree that it bullshit that we expect men to just tough it out, or we downplay their issues because the focus is on the mom and what she going through. It hurts everyone when fathers roles aren respected. I could go on about that topic allll day hahaI’ve always wondered something along the lines of this. Ryan and Adam arent the best examples of boyfriends/ dads and then they are thrown into the fame of the show. It takes off and now you have a population of people that think you’re a piece of shit; you canada goose jacket outlet uk can’t post on social media without being torn apart. The show is edited in a way that you don’t get the whole story and everyone knows who you are when you go out in public. You can’t really go get a job because some employers are hesitant to hire someone with a bad reputation on TV, I could see how all of this could drive someone to just give up and turn to drugs. It a catch 22 situation. They were crappy boyfriends first, then their baby mamas went on tv and by canada goose outlet website legit association, they were filmed. Suddenly, everyone saw with their own eyes they were crappy boyfriends. The rest of canada goose outlet online reviews the world called them out.It is Adam and Ryan fault they didn treatChelsea and Maci well. Before they were filmed, canada goose outlet price they probably still thought they were decent people and may have eventually gotten to that place on their own through the process of maturing. But multiple rebroadcasts don allow you to forget when you said this or that or made a mistake. I can imagine what it must be like to have a son, who you raised and remember as a little innocent boy at one point and who you love being an addict who isn pulling their weight as a father and just in general being a d bag. Are they enablers? Maybe. I know they were idk if they still are but it hard situation. I think it easy to judge when you never had to walk a mile in someone else shoes. Most things are a combination of both to at least some degree. Cait was abused and neglected throughout her childhood, but her mental health issues could have also been hereditary. Jen and Larry may seem like canada goose outlet store quebec nice people on the show, but the truth is that we don know what Rhine childhood was really like. He could have still been abused, just maybe not by his parents. If he had a child, they would support the mother and work around him, but no one is giving him a pass. I know people are different, but I think the cut off method is best because he won admit a problem and won stop even with support so I don think there isn much left.It really hard to watch my brother go down but I just check in and tell him I love him when he answer. My dad may text and ask how he is, but I think they given Ryan wayyy to much leeway with defending him instead of supporting Maci.Maci is the key to Bentley. Maci is the only stable parent he has. Maci is gracious in letting them see him. They would be better served supporting her and not bashing her EVER. Everytime I hear his voice though, makes it hard. It be okay or it won At this point, I think the outcome is predetermined on him and not me. Not that it ever was, but I felt maybe if I was more reachable, more willing, more allowing, I could changed it, but I can It on him and my parents set those boundaries early. It whatever it will be at this point, but no one in my family is making excuses. No one would be talking shit about the mother of his child. We be trying to accomodate our relationship as much as possible without him. He somehow very careful about procreation so kudos on that front.

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