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The United States of America is the world’s most popular and profitable region for many things esports. It is also the second largest video games market on earth, with 160 million gamers set to invest over $25 billion by the end of 2017. With the majority of the biggest international esports tournaments like the Global hosted in the US and a lot of the greatest players and teams home-grown, American fans have it best when it comes to attending, after and betting on their favourite pro gaming events. If you live in the USA and need to bet on both the local and international esports tournaments, then this manual is for you.
Germany Top-rated esports betting sites for USATop-rated esports betting sites for USA
#1 BetOnline 50% payable deposit up to USD $5,000
Bank Wire depositBitcoin depositCashier Cheque deposit
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Available to residents of Germany
#2 Bovada Claim that a 50% deposit bonus up to the value of USD $250
Bitcoin depositMoney Transfer depositRapid Transfer residue +more > Inspection Bet Now
Not available to residents of Germany
We cover a range of different esports betting sites lawfully catering to American punters and the US Dollar, together with the very best and safest deposit options to use when putting bets on your favorite players and teams online. All of the sportsbooks we advocated and review offer betting markets for the planet’s most well-known esports tournaments, so in the event that you enjoy watching and betting on pro gambling events of Call of Duty, Dota two, League of Legends, Overwatch, Rocket League and other titles, we’ll make certain that you discover the best value. Keep this page bookmarked as we keep you updated on the most recent modifications in USA esports betting.
Esports betting websites accepting players from the USA advocates the following offshore real money sports betting sites for North American players due to their licensing, regulation and wide range of esports betting markets with greatest possible odds, including direct stakes (winner), exotics, futures, line stakes, first blood, map winner and more variations (dependent on the game).
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BetOnline: Among the greatest esports betting options for North American players, BetOnline is US-facing, takes all stakes in US Dollars (or even Bitcoin) and accepts customers from all 50 states. It’s an easy-to-navigate betting interface with a committed esports section so users can easily locate the latest leagues and tournaments they desire to place a bet on. BetOnline often post early markets for every game with low mark-up on the chances, and give added value in their simple to maintain promotions and bonuses, both continuing and one-off.
Bovada: A popular online sportsbook with casino, racing and sporting markets along with esports betting choices. Great reputation as a result of the Bodog roots, with heaps of Bitcoin and USD bonuses you’ll be able to put towards your esports wagering on CS:GO, Dota, Overwatch and much more. Safe and recommended for North American clients. Is from the very same people that successfully operate BetOnline which automatically gives them some credibility. The eSports section at this sportsbook is extensive with markets on the all the major events held in North America, and many of the larger events directly around the globe. Counterstrike, Dota 2, League of Legends, Overwatch and Starcraft all feature prominently. One of the biggest drawcards is they accept punters from each state in United States. epsorts betting site North American clients accepted
The esports betting websites we recommend for US professional gaming lovers are licensed and based overseas as a result of strict online gambling laws which change state-by-state and limit what neighborhood online esports sportsbooks could provide. They often carry exceptional welcome bonuses and promotions which grant additional significance to signing up and normal play. For North Americans who would rather bet with bitcoin cryptocurrency especially, there are some seriously great exclusive bonus bargains currently offered to all of our subscribers who sign up through our provided links.
USA esports lovers can discover how to maintain free bets and bonuses to get esports betting in our provided manual.
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Deposit and withdrawal payment methods at USA esports betting websites The internet sportsbooks we recommend to North American esports bettors generally get a smaller range of payment methods compared to other countries, because of the USA’s prohibitive online gaming laws which prevent local residents from processing payments using traditional methods like direct bank transfers. However, US-based esports fans shouldn’t worry too much, as many websites still accept and support internationally reliable and secure payment methods such as bitcoin, credit card, debit card, and virtual wallets.
Credit cardUsing MasterCard, Maestro and Visa-branded charge cards is supported at some offshore sportsbooks accepting USA players. Usually it is the safest way to deposit money to bet on your preferred esports betting markets due to the global reputation and proven safety that includes using credit. It’s also the quickest way to deposit betting money, with payments processed instantly. Withdrawals are equally as quickly, usually within 72 hours. American Express is not accepted at any internet sportsbook we advocate at this time.
Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin and Litecoin are all the rage at the moment with many savvy Internet users and it’s getting more and more mainstream to utilize them for online betting thanks to increased support from the planet’s best betting sites. Esports sportsbooks are currently offering huge bonuses to entice new sign-ups into utilizing bitcoin and comparable cryptocurrencies, and with zero deposit or withdrawal fees compared to other payment methods and it’s easy to see why it is preferable for most — maybe not even taking into account the anonymity and privacy.
Present card and prepaid cardMasterCard and Visa-branded present cards and prepaid cards are usually supported at esports betting websites accepting American sign-ups, however they’re only accepted if you make certain that it’s specifically permitted to be utilized for’International and internet purchases’ prior to buying the card and loading it using money.
E-Wallets: Also called virtual pockets and web wallets, digital payment services like Neteller act as a middle-man between your own personal banking accounts and esports betting accounts. You simply create a free acount using the support, join a financing method (bank account or card) and load up with how much you intend to wager with. You then transfer the money on your e-wallet account in your account at your preferred online sportsbook. With the expert’s of anonymity and enhanced solitude comes a few con’s, such as added fees for transfers or withdrawals.
For more in-depth information about the best way to deposit cash at esports betting sites and which payment services best suit your country, make certain that you have a look at our different guides linked to on this site.
Is it legal to wager esports in the USA?
All that our North American esports readers need to understand is this: You are able to 100% bet on esports on line at certain websites, you just have to make sure that you do additional homework about which payment services you can use to deposit and withdraw your gambling money.
For those seeking a more comprehensive, legal response: To state online gambling and internet sports betting laws in the USA is complicated would be a severe understatement. To properly breakdown and outline the legality of esports betting would need intimate knowledge of local, state and federal legislation and regulators which makes following which state has legalised which form of gambling all the more difficult. We’re guessing most of our American visitors won’t just have the ability to recite every single gambling law pertaining to them off-by-heart, so we do our best to summarise why esports betting is legal for Americans to participate in based on the state you live in, so long as the gambling website in question is licensed and based offshore.
For starters, there are 3 key pieces of gaming laws affecting esports betting: The Interstate Wire Act (IWA), The skilled and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASP) and also The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA). All of these were enacted before the facilitation of esports gambling, but they effect it nonetheless. The’Wire Act’ of 1961 was originally designed to prevent sports gambling wagers on telephone passed state-by-state, and also the PASP made it so no state can skip present laws banning sports betting with new legislation. Both laws have been updated through the years to reflect the newest technologies, like the world wide web, which has enabled us to wager from home, but both have not punished players making small-scale bets.
It’s the UIGEA that is the most significant, as it criminalised all of gambling-related transactions processed at banks, which have been once the main deposit option offered to USA sports bettors. Essentially, government desired financial institutions to not process online gaming transactions. As a result, many internet sportsbooks exited the U.S. to prevent the annoyance and possible legal consequences with coping with such a complex sector.
But what has ended up happening is lots of overseas online gambling sites licensed in foreign jurisdictions have continued to service US-based players, and third party payment solutions have filled the emptiness and are now being encouraged at stated US-facing online sportsbooks, still giving Americans legitimate techniques to deposit money for the purposes of esports and sports gambling. Since the act is intended to target large-scale illegal gambling rackets or criminal operations within the USA, it has been uncommon for individuals gambling online from America at a sportsbook based overseas to be penalized by regulations.
Also, due to many state-based laws and the fact that specific regulation for fantasy sports gambling, skill games and esports is still catching up today, it’s a minefield to actually know whether anything is explicitly banned or not, and for now, esports gambling comes under that category. Until then, rest assured, it’s safe to bet on your favorite esports games — you just have to do your homework on which esports betting sites are the best for you.
How hot is esports and video games in the USA?
New Jersey esports gambling North America is certainly the world’s biggest esports marketplace. According to the most recent consumer insights from NewZoo, there are more than 23 million listed esports enthusiasts living in the United States of America in 2017. The region generates the most revenue per esports enthusiast — $10.36 per fan per year, which is twice as much revenue annually than any other nation on earth ) and contains the highest direct spend globally. Esports are almost as popular as ice hockey, with 14% of North Americans aged 21-35 identifying as esports fans, and 18% of the team additionally supporters of ice hockey.
A report from games and interactive media intelligence team SuperData,’Esports Courtside: Playmakers of 2017′ revealed Twitch stays the most popular live-streaming platform for seeing major esports tournaments for fans living in North America, with 87% of US esports fans using the service. Youtube has picked up steam since, with 77% of US esports fans utilizing the world’s most common video-sharing website to watch esports curated content. In terms of US esports viewership divide, 20% watch Twitch only, 11 percent watch on YouTube only, and 67% observe esports on the two. In precisely the same study, the most anticipated esports video game among pro gambling enthusiasts residing in the USA was discovered to be Overwatch.
The latest reported earnings from esports from the United States are at $257 million generated in 2017, with estimates of expansion within $600 million by 2020. The vast majority of said earnings are out of sponsorships for US-based professional teams along with the fact that the world’s biggest comps, tournaments and leagues are located in the nation — analysts predict this figure will total over $110 million to 2017.
The 2017 International Esports Market Report from NewZoo reports North American esports fans were responsible for 44% of the $32 million in total ticket revenue earned by major esports events held in 2016 (approximately USD $14,080,000) and 28% of competitive gaming events held around the world (out of 424) that year with prize-pools over $5,000, the majority in both categories.
The largest esports tournament in the world, such as The International and the League of Legends World Championships were held in North America, offering more than $25 million in prize money between them. With the many other expert gaming events held across the nation, the US accounted for 56 percent of the total recorded $93.3 million in major event prize money given out to esports winners worldwide in 2016 (around USD$52,248,000).
The editorial team at can only see the USA’s esports business continue to skyrocket, particularly with the re-structuring of The International along with the many Dota 2 qualifiers along with the forthcoming Overwatch League which looks set to be the upcoming big thing.
Visiting us from the USA? North American gamers are suggested to check out BetOnline, among our best rated and reviewed esports gambling websites for US bettors looking to place wager on their favourite CS:GO, Dota 2, League of Legends, and Overwatch players and teams all-year round.
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