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My dad retired from AA about years back.

Last week he asked me to help him create an alteration to his call united airlines reservations monthly pension payment. He also didn’t have any recent paperwork, and so I turned to the net to find contact information. An hour after I stumbled on the telephone. minutes after I was about to pull out my hair.

As huge as United Airlines is I couldn’t think their retirement program was so clandestine.

Following a call to the local Transport Workers Union TWU office I got a Tulsa amount for worker relations, and they finally provided me a phone number…

United Airlines Pension Plan Info Line / .

After all the effort it took me to come across this I decided to post this amount to assist any other AA Brats who may be having trouble finding this information.

Rex,THANK YOU. Thank you so much for putting the phone number in there to your pension dept. I am a former AA worker who had been outsourced in and have never managed to make it through to the right dept. until now.Thanks again!

They moved me to that is United Airlines HR Services. Finally! I got an address for correspondence. Be advised when you call this automated amount you’ll need to press then to speak to a rep and also be prepared to provide your zipcode.

I called the number you gave and also thank you so much first thing that they told me was that I picked NOT to take part in the retirement program but when I calmly told Darwin, the HR fellow, I had all my payslips, also I do for all those yearsI asked him if I need to contact the National Labor Relations board, or only contact my Senator Richard Burr. Oh, and he simply checked and found out that I’ll begin getting benefits on will of when I am .

No kidding…I really wonder if we would be much worse when Red China’s boot? You have nothing to loose but your chains!

I understand this is a classic answer and an older article but the amount in the article remains valid for AA retiree services.

A BIG Thank You for posting this. My Mother passed away and I have been helping my dad deal with taxes and things, and in this we had to contact to correct the tax withholding and this amount helped us. Thanks!

Wanted to change my national witholding.Called AA Pension Service Center.Was told I could take action on on on Pension Serv Center.My pension. . .was easy. .

I have spent many hours trying to find the pension dept amount until I stumbled on you posting.

I’m with all the others! I’ve been attempting to reach a person about my pension check for months and no answer. I waited on hold almost hrs before my phone died! Thanks to you, I got right thru to some real live person. . .You are wonderful! Thanks for posting.

Thanks, my friend was a retiree and having problems finding contact information. Good help you post was! Ann from Texas.

Thanks so much I have spent hours trying to find a working number. . .been on hold indefinitely but I only may get someone…

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