But for now, Syeda’s designs have little to offer amidst tough

Okay I’m probably a little biased, seeing as how I’m a native Oregonian. But hear me out! Oregon is truly a marvelous place. Sure, it rains a lot, but the products of the weather make it worth suffering through. Rose has been planning for her baby girl’s arrival for months and she’s due to give birth any day now Get Deals updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeIn fact, despite being proactive in the run up to a new arrival, parents are still under budgeting by around a month according to Noddle, as they struggle to cover increased expenses with a reduced income.This leaves one in four relying on credit such as overdrafts to get by during maternity and paternity leave. Half are left anxious and debt ridden as a result.But one young mum decided to take action to beat the spending traps.We spoke to 28 year old Rose Tolson to find out how she’s managing to put away a week for her newborn and even has plans to save heaps on expensive baby essentials.Read MoreFinancial support for parentsRose, who is currently 41 weeks pregnant, started stripping back on her spending as soon as she found out she was going to be a mum.”My and my husband started saving as soon as we found out we were expecting our little girl,” she told Mirror.”We put the money aside on pay day and have kept the savings for when I’m on maternity leave,” she added.”We’re compromising now rather than when replica handbags we have the baby so each week we save about This has meant more packed lunches at work, fewer trips to coffee shops and cancelling some subscriptions temporarily.”We’ve handpicked the best savings accounts to get the most out of your moneyHer tips to get essentials for less include creating an Amazon wish list and taking advantage of sales at shops such as Mothercare where she bought a pram, car seat and steriliser for But she says she’s not given up on all of the luxuries with date night ( thanks to coupons ) still on the cards for the time being.”It gives us time to talk about any feelings or worries about the baby,” Rose said.”We found Pizza Express the best value for money for date night and we would go to the cinema using 2 for 1 meerkat days.”Read MoreYour maternity rights”Bringing a travel coffee cup to work and re usable water bottle meant I could make a coffee for my train journey home and would always have water on me.”Also, when I do buy a coffee, usually there are rewards for bringing your own cup like https://www.replicawest.com discounts or extra loyalty points. I’ve found most places will also fill your water bottle up if you ask.”The soon to be mum also uses cashback websites such as TopCashback to save money online these sites pay you to shop through them, anywhere and everywhere.”The cashback I earn comes in really handy for date nights with my husband,” she said.

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