“Councillors need to act or resign

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replica Purse LOW COST HOUSING must be provided by the COUNCIL for our kids starting life and homeless.”Councillors need to act or resign. Use reserved money and demand universities build for the community. If not compulsory orders should be served on them.”Anthony Lunn added “Nothing for residents again, don’t they get it, all the workforce have to travel in by car because they can’t live in Cambridge, why can’t the students live outside the city and workers inside the city, most students only have a few lectures per week so they could get the bus in.”However on Facebook Nicole Torelli pointed out that Cambridge University’s terms of residence prevent this.She said: “The University of Cambridge for instance does not allow grad students to live further than five miles away from the university, and postgrad students can’t live further than 10 miles away.”The university doesn’t want students to spend a lot of time commuting instead of focusing on their studies. replica Purse

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