Deus Sex Machina: There is literally a card called Divine

This book provides examples of: A Boy and His X: A Girl and Her Ice Dragon. An Ice Person: Adara is the very embodiment of winter, being cold to the touch and not being negatively affected by the winter. Her personality is very icy as well. Little Bit Beastly: Beatrix’s only visible bee parts are her antennae. And her compound eyes. Mad Scientist: Natch. Good Looking Privates: Conversed. Alex suggests to Marcus that they became pilots to impress girls, and Marcus replies that the only girls they know are also pilots. Half Human Hybrid: Maia is half Zentradi; Ariel is a humanized Invid. Broken Pedestal: Celestia is gettting hit by this in multiple fronts; her subjects no longer see her as an infallible figure, her sister Luna no longer trusts in her due to the fallout of the discovery of the abuse the Thestrals were suffering under her watch, and even Twilight can’t stomach her scheming anymore; she summoned Leo as a stopgap measure while they could figure out a way to beat him for good instead of to help solve the problem, and has been leading Leo on as he makes wrong conclusions regarding the super empowering he’s been undergoing since he arrived in Equestria seemingly for her own amusement. The Bully: As someone who enjoys putting people down for not living up to his standards and rub it in their faces to make them feel like idiots, Ted/Vulcan is this. The whole mess started because he chose to act like a bully and have fun at the expense of others, instead of politely asking for help.

You know, the style of shoe ponies generally don’t wear. Deus Sex Machina: There is literally a card called Divine Intervention. Die for Our Ship: In universe, a number of special abilities imply that one character is murdering another. Played painfully straight in the anime, complete with Evolving Weapon. The game goes back and forth between this and The Unchosen One since while Claude makes it clear that he’s not the destined hero of light, he and his party are chosen by Energy Nede to defeat the Ten Wise Men. Colony Drop: The collision of Expel and Hermes Replica Energy Nede. Some of his more high profile matches involved a showing against Tiger The Dark (a masked ACH) at Wrestle Kingdom 11, a tag match with Tiger Mask IV against the real Kazuchika Okada and his manager Gedo, and a one on one match against Okada again on the champion’s request. For obvious reasons, Ibushi is not acknowledged as the man behind the mask when he was announced as a participant in the 2017 G1 Climax, NJPW treated it as his grand return to the promotion, not acknowledging his earlier run. Odin technically wins by ring out, but no one thinks he actually won.

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