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It’s big and noisy but also the Bissell ProHeat 2x Revolution Carpet Cleaner offers excellent carpet and place cleaning functionality at a fantastic price.

It’s outfitted with useful tools, a very long hose, two different cleaning modes along with a choice of three aromatic options for fresh, robust and old stains.

Filling and draining the clean and dirty water containers is super simple and the Bissell was easy to assemble. Our only issue was the noisy performance with a large scale screech, but since our rugs and carpets have never looked better, this is a great all-rounder in below 230.00.

The Bissell’s look resembles the body of a Transformer with a mix of glowing reds, black and grey colours. Despite its complex looks, it was easy to construct, and the guide contained is exact and detailed.

The floorhead is large and contains 12 cleaning rows of DirtLifter PowerBrushes which aim to deliver deep cleansing into the carpet pile. Heated cleaning mixture is sprayed on the surface using the trigger on the deal that is easy to push down. The liquid is agitated into the pile by the brush pubs and vacuumed up in the front edge of their head, complete with the carpeting dirt. It’s possible to observe the muck being pulled up through the clear plastic shell. The ProHeat heating utilizes the residual heat in the motor to maintain the cleaning solution heat, improving both cleaning functionality and carpeting drying times.

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These could be selected by popping the red button back on the left side of the machine. For the best cleaning operation, Bissell recommends using the Deep Clean Mode for tougher areas, using the carpeting likely to take around four hours to fully dry.

Quality is a virtue with the Bissel as most of the components feel well made and trimmed together well. As is normal with full-size carpet cleaners, the Bissell is quite heavy in both hands and weighed in at 8kg totally filled with clean liquid.

There is a clean water tank which holds 3.7 litres of the cleaning fluid combination of water and also among Bissell’s provided solutions. The container is easily removed and can be filled up beneath the sink with measuring the solution is aided by a helpful black jugthat includes dimensions at 74ml a tank of water for Deep Clean and in 37ml for Express Clean Mode.

The polluted water tank is wrapped in reduced down beneath the clean tank, is removed easily and has the potential of 4.5 litres. There is a marking on the side of the dirty water container suggesting when it’s full, which means that you know when its time . For larger rooms, there’s plenty of freedom and reach thanks to the lengthy 7m energy cable, which may be wrapped around the back of the device for storage.

Cleaning out the equipment is something of a challenge. The very best vacuum cover unclips in the floorhead but the main brush bars can only be accessed when you’ve removed four Philips screws at the side cover and then dropped the little washers on the ends on the rollers. Re-assembly was equally fiddly. On the plus side, Bissell supplies a flexible nozzle cleansing tool that helps in getting fluff from their narrow vacuum channels.

At over 2m long and very flexible, the nozzle pushes snugly into the vent in addition to the floorhead. It all fits together very well, and down the low fitting means there’s no danger of slipping over the cleaner while using the hose and gear. A chunky, curved trigger on the nozzle handle operates the liquid jet on the connected tools. The tools push and clip closely into speed.

Simply spray the cleansing fluid, agitate with the brush and then gradually vacuum up the dirty water.

It is more of a traditional vacuum cleaner instrument, albeit with a spray nozzle. The notion is that it can be employed to get in areas which are too awkward for the primary brush, such as corners and quite close to skirting boards, or even for little place cleaning.

The Bissell comes complete with a variety of 3 sample-sized bottles of distinct focused formulas that smell rather lovely. For a strong and fresh smelling clean, the Febreze Wash & Refresh liquid is a excellent choice, whereas the Scotchguard Wash & Protect formulation is designed to remove tough stains and safeguard the carpeting from future spills. The Oxygen Boost is an add-on formulation that fosters stain removal power of almost any solution it’s inserted too.

The nozzle, gears, jug, sample bottles along with the innovative nozzle cleaning instrument can be stored in the mesh bag provided.

It is properly loud at 86-87dB, about the same as status with a busy street in London, but a part of the cacophony was a high heeled shriek. We aren’t sure what was causing this whistling noise but it had been like a high-profile dentist drill and equally unpleasant. Our ears failed to fix to the noise after a little while and rug cleaners are never that quiet, but greatest leave rug shampooing with the Bissell until the neighbours are out.

As a favourite spot for those dogs to sit of an evening, the deep red rug in our living room introduced the Bissell with a severe challenge. We used the Deep Cleaning Mode with the new smelling Febreze solution in a rate of a 74ml jug saturated at a tank of hot water. After Bissell’s guide, we made two gradual moist moves spraying the cleaning option and also 2 gradual dry moves vacuuming up the liquid, over the whole area. Thinking about the weight of the Bissell, the big wheels made it fairly easy to maneuver about and it wasn’t too strenuous on the arm.

After a few strokes, we were astonished at the difference. The ProHeat 2x Revolution rug was picking up a great deal of the dirty water as its tank seemed to fill up fairly fast. That is unusual in that many shampooers will only pick up around half the liquid they set down, the Bissell was near 75%-80% on our short pile carpeting. This is excellent as it implies both a good clean and that the carpet will dry off quicker.

The Bissell did set down a significant quantity of fluid in Deep Clean mode and sticking to the manual’s 2 strokes spraying. We managed to empty a comprehensive tank of solution cleaning a single large rug 1.8m x 2.3m. It’s very powerful but when Bissell says Deep Clean they really do mean a deep clean and the Express clean is a lot more efficient in solution a square meter. We’d also argue only 1 stroke spraying is sufficient for most carpets even should you want a deep clean.

Still, you can’t argue with the results as our quite dog-eared and dead rug seemed like brand new! The wastewater tank was just as shockingly grim and thick with grime.

Moving into the challenging red wine spill test on a cream rug, the Bissell repeatedly impressed us and with a couple of moves over the area the stain was completely removed. We’re also using the lighter Febreze detergent, and from previous experience with Bissell productswe all know that incorporating the Oxygen Boost fluid would have cleaned quicker.

Throwing another fantastic glass of Rioja down in the title of an exhaustive review, we tackled a similar stain with the nozzle and Extra Tough Stain instrument. It sprays cleaning fluid in a severe rate irrespective of the Deep/Express setting, so use caution on surfaces whenever that you don’t want to completely saturate.

The results have been superb. It took a little while agitating and respraying however a couple of minutes after the stain was goneand the carpeting was remarkably dry. The suction and also dirty-water pick on this Bissell is among the top we have employed, which extends a very long way to design the high motor noise.

We even gave the Extra Tough Stain instrument a move on an elderly leather sofa that was showing its classic. The Febreze fluid would have again benefitted in the Oxy additive to speed up cleaning but it didn’t take too many moves to begin showing a lighter colour sofa.

It cleans very well, agitates the carpet well and contains outstanding dirty water pick up. Together with the ProHeat’s clean water heater, even the clean is outstanding and carpeting dry speedily. The detail instrument is a similar star performer, delivering fantastic stain-busting functionality thank to its rigid bristles and outstanding dirty water pick-up. Our only gripes are that its very noisy and also a bit of a faff to clean out.

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