Four fifths of Denbigh’s 1,000 pupils are Muslims

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cheap moncler sale She has not attended the school since.School officials argued the jilbab moncler sale posed a health and safety risk, and might cause divisions among pupils, with those who wore traditional moncler jackets outlet dress being seen as “better Muslims” than others.Four fifths of Denbigh’s 1,000 pupils are Muslims. The school denies acting in a discriminatory manner and says it has a flexible school uniform policy that takes into account all faiths and cultures. Pupils are allowed to wear trousers, skirts or a traditional shalwar kameez, consisting of trousers and a tunic, and female pupils may wear head scarves.Begum’s appeal of a High Court ruling against her moncler outlet online last June cited Article 9 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which guarantees “freedom to manifest one’s religion or beliefs.”At a hearing last December, attorney Booth argued the High Court ruling meant the school was entitled to “pick and choose” which religious beliefs it accepted. cheap moncler sale

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