He thus represents the first generation for whom “the TV had

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canadian goose jacket If you didn’t grab the latest issue of (sydney) Magazine last week, your best bet now is to loiter around some barber shop and hope something canada goose outlet trillium parka black distracts everyone’s attention (readers from Melbourne, naturally, will have a tougher time of it). In any case, the magazine featured a brief interview conducted by me with canada goose outlet orlando Mark Trevorrow, aka Bob Downe, which I’ll now publish here. I made it plain at the outset that I had no time for Bob (though the same can’t be said for my opinion of Mark, who I thought proved himself an admirable ‘straight’ host and interviewer during the The Way We Were series that aired on ABC a few years back), an opinion I put down to my general distaste for exhibistionist “camp”, rather than any hangover from my own arguably homophobic history. Bob is Mark’s delinquent child, and while the “Prince of Polyester” may even drive his maker spare, the 48 year old Trevorrow canada goose outlet mississauga is not inclined to stand by while the boy is bullied. canadian goose jacket

“Look, Bob’s is a pain in the arse,” he goose outlet canada says, “there’s no question about that. And I do sometimes feel like putting him out to pasture, as does anyone who plays a character for as canada goose outlet in usa long as I’ve played him. But it’s not likely to happen too soon.

canada goose clearance sale As we sit among the lunchtime crowd at Fratelli Paradiso in Potts Point, Mark takes a call from Gina Riley, who informs him that she’ll be there in the crowd when Bob performs at Melbourne’s Butterfly Club a few nights later, her party consisting of Jane Turner, Magda Szubanski and Little Britain’s Matt Lucas. The pressure of such a high calibre audience causes Mark to fleetingly consider appearing on stage not as Bob, but himself. canada goose clearance sale

Canada Goose Online “But it’s not really my decision as to whether Bob exists anymore or not,” he says. “It would actually be quite vain and self defeating for me to come out and declare: canada goose outlet sale ‘I’m not doing Bob anymore!’ That wouldn’t benefit anybody. I’ll do Bob as long as people want me to.” Canada Goose Online

canada goose clearance Born in suburban Melbourne in 1959 (he moved to Sydney in ’82), Mark can’t recall, as his elder siblings do, the arrival of the family television set. He thus represents the first generation for whom “the TV had always just been there, glowing”. canada goose clearance

Canada Goose Jackets And it was from that very glow that Bob Downe first crawled into life. Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose uk shop “Bob first appeared on stage in 1984, he says, “but I’d really been doing him since I was five. That’s why Bob has a sort of childish quality to him, I suppose, because he was born in my own childhood. People often think that he’s based on someone quite specific, but when I grew up in Melbourne there was this very vibrant local television industry, with variety shows featuring all these incredibly camp local TV hosts and performers. Bob was really my reaction to all of that.” canada goose uk shop

In person, Trevorrow has none of Downe’s flap and dither. He’s sharp with a low watt eloquence and a brisk, no nonsense air, as if Bob’s blown canada goose outlet uk the budget on the end of year party and left his teacher to clean up before school starts again.

Canada Goose Parka Unlike Bob, who is gleefully canada goose stockists uk oblivious to the extinction of variety entertainment, Mark Trevorrow openly frets for it. Over lasagne and sparkling water (he’s on radio one of his Summer Evenings programs for ABC Radio 704 in just a few hours), the former journalist for the Melbourne Sun News Pictorial (now the Herald Sun) laments the media that accompanied his youth the playful tabloids and fly by wire television of the days when the characters one saw on the box were actually more insane than the people who canada goose outlet played them. Canada Goose Parka

buy canada goose jacket Not that Trevorrow, who ‘came out’ when he was just 13, would prefer the clock wound back too far, to the black and white days when homophobia was yet to be outed as a psychological aberration. buy canada goose jacket

Canada Goose sale “I haven’t been hassled for being ‘a fag’,” he says, “since I was in school unless I’ve mentally blocked it out. And canada goose outlet michigan I think Sydney is definitely much better than it once was, when it comes to, you know, roaming gangs going out ‘poofter bashing’. But I think the emotional and verbal abuse is still there, and can be just as damaging.” Canada Goose sale

I tell him a tale of my own historical homophobia, a youthful prejudice that was literally beaten out of me by two so called “poofs” in the toilets of Jameson Street nightclub back in 1984. Mark barely reacts, though I suspect Bob might be cheering in there somewhere, and not for the losing team either.

“Well, you never can tell,” says Mark, as teacher to the hungover pupil already having learned his lesson. “It’s like Quentin Crisp said: ‘Some queers are really rough and some roughs are really queer.'”

I value openly camp lads like I value anyone who has the balls to stand out from the crowd. A crushingly homogenous society is more damaging than a homo culture for mine. I have demons in me head wanting to explain to each and every one of the wearers www.canadagooseisverige.com that they truly look like idiots and worse, they look like idiots because they need to look like all the other idiots. The cuff of those pants are all positioned precisely at the top of the calf muscle. I reckon blokes must get micrometers out to get the cuff top of calf relationship perfect. Who made up this rule? Why do people do it? Why, because banality rules, even if being banal means you look like a complete jerk off hatched in the sun. The average Ozy street needs as many campy exhibitionists as it can get.

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