Her gowns would need repeated washings

Keira Knightlhy

canada goose store I recall canada goose outlet canada watching the film with two members of our Jane Austen book club. The three of us felt less than We usually eat dinner after a movie and discuss the film in detail. I canada goose premium outlet recall very canada goose outlet online uk little discussion other than sharing our sense of disappointment. Keira Knightley seemed too thin and modern as Lizzie. Matthew buy canada goose uk MacFadyen was no Colin Firth, not his fault, I suppose, but damning in our canada goose outlet store calgary eyes. canada goose store

canada goose coats on sale Ten years later, my opinion of the film has changed somewhat. I have come to appreciate that Joe Wright was trying canada goose outlet location to reach an audience much younger than the members in my book club. Has England ever looked more romantic? its ancient, gnarled oaks, sweeping vistas, misty fields lit by rising suns, and grand houses never looked lovelier on film. canada goose coats on sale

cheap Canada Goose Let not forget that PROPOSAL scene in the rain. One cannot deny the chemistry between Keira and Matthew. Pure unrequited lust sprang off the screen. cheap Canada Goose

canada goose clearance There was also a lovely scene in which Lizzie rotates on a swing in an archway as the seasons of the year swirled past. While this scene was short, it provided a unique visual of the passing seasons. canada goose clearance

Canada Goose online Finally, finally, this film delivered an actress as beautiful and sweet as the Jane Bennet of my imagination! I will be forever grateful to Joe Wright for hiring Rosamund Pike for the part and pairing her with the first true puppy like Mr. Bingley. BUT. Please. Did Jane Austen really mean for the Bennets to live in a moated manor house, with pigs, geese, and cattle meandering through a muddy courtyard? canada goose outlet boston Canada Goose online

Canada Goose Jackets While I adore Donald Sutherland as an actor, at 70 he was more suited to playing Mr. Bennet elderly uncle than Mrs. Bennet husband. He also interpreted Mr. Bennet as still having the hots for Mrs. Bennet, despite her irritating personality, a modern POV, to be sure, but surely not in keeping canada goose outlet uk with what we know about Mr. Bennet huge disappointment with his wife foolishness (and with himself for choosing such a ninny)? Canada Goose Jackets

Canada Goose Outlet While Lizzie was definitely a tomboy compared to her sisters, did she HAVE to be shown walking barefoot or slogging through the fields and dragging her hems through mud and dew so often? Austen, in demonstrating Lizzie loyalty to Jane, devised a scene where Lizzie walked through 3 miles of wet fields to be with her sister. This caused Miss Bingley to note with disdain that her petticoat was six inches deep in mud. The Bennets, while upper class, were not super rich. Cloth was not easily obtained or cheap. Clothes were made, remade, reused, and worked over, until the cloth became so threadbare that it was used for cleaning. So, for Lizzie to be shown muddying her hems in so many scenes canada goose jacket outlet toronto makes no sense. Her gowns would need repeated washings, which, with the strong lye soaps of the day, would have degraded the cloth too quickly for practicality. canada goose uk site She would surely have pinned her dress and train up, exposing only the petticoat, or worn a shorter day gown, as so many commoners and country folk did. Perhaps I am being too much of a stickler, but these lapses in logic affected my experience of the film the first time around and they still do. Canada Goose Outlet

One more rant. It become de rigueur in historical films to dress dowagers in the richly made, old fashioned clothes of their younger years (think of Violet, the dowager countess in Downton Abbey and Judith Dench as Lady Catherine de Bourgh in this film). We canada goose outlet in uk get that. My mom still wears serviceable but outdated clothes from the 1980s, but can there be any excuse for dressing Miss Bingley in a nightgown for the Netherfield Ball and arranging her hair in a 1960 updo?

buy canada goose jacket cheap In my opinion, this 2 hour adaptation of a 200+ page novel falls short when compared to the 1995 six hour P In 2005, Wickham was given very short shrift, as were the younger Bennet sisters. The scenes moved too fast, though I suppose this suited director Joe Wright intent, since he was targeting an audience that can barely remember life before fast paced electronic games, instant messages, and music videos. buy canada goose jacket cheap

buy canada goose jacket My canada goose outlet winnipeg address final beef is with the alternative American ending. Mr. Wright insulted many serious fans of classic literature across the Pond with the final dialogue between Lizzie and Darcy, which lowered their romance to the level of a Barbara Cartland novel. buy canada goose jacket

canada goose clearance sale I still don like P 2005 half as much as P 1995. Yet, canada goose outlet in canada despite my misgivings, P 2005 has held up relatively well and I think younger viewers still prefer this adaptation canada goose outlet uk sale to P 95. canada goose clearance sale

canadian goose jacket Amy Heckerling 90 take on Jane meddlesome Emma is as fresh and funny today as it was then. It canada goose outlet legit hard to choose which is more ridiculous: the slang of the 90 valley girl airheads, the over Canada Goose Outlet the top fashions, the conspicuous consumption of LA teen culture, the banality of Cher high schooleducation,the immature boyfriends, or the neutered adults. canadian goose jacket

canada goose Who can forget Cher mugging, where she resists lying down on the ground in her designer outfit, even with a gun to her head? Or how Heckerling turned Frank Churchill into Christian, a disco dancing, Oscar Wilde reading, Streisand ticket holding friend of Dorothy cake boy? canada goose

canada goose deals As Dion reminds Cher, does like to shop and the boy canada goose outlet toronto can dress. Cher classic reply to Christian being gay? my God, I totally buggin Then there the girls inability to drive in LA, where driving is as essential as breathing. Those scenes are still classic and not to be missed. canada goose deals

Amy Heckerling did a smart thing in reinterpreting Emma. She brought Jane heroine over to California and gave her a different name, and moved her from a dull, country town and canada goose outlet montreal dropped her in the center of Beverley Hills, the Mecca for consumption driven canada goose clothing uk materialists.

Like Emma, Cher is motherless. Whereas Emma mama died a natural death, Cher mom died from the complications of liposuction on a plastic surgeon table. Both Cher and Emma are rich, bored, and meddlesome. Cher babies her father, much as Emma caters to Mr. Woodhouse. In Clueless, Cher father, a lawyer, is more dynamic than Mr. Woodhouse. One senses that he tolerates Cher mothering more than needs it. The love between them is palpable, and Cher kindness to one and all is genuine and sweet. These traits save her shallow character.

Canada Goose sale There are many similarities between the Emma characters and Clueless characters, and it fun to guess in the film who is who. You can tell canada goose discount uk from my excited tone canada goose sale uk how much I like this cinematic take of Emma. Clueless is a broad satire that seldom delves below canadagooseonline the surface. The film is a feel good movie designed to give the viewer a rollicking good time. Canada Goose sale

Clueless has the same energy, sense of fun, and satiric take on human foibles as Jane Austen Juvenilia. I wonder if Amy Heckerling, having lumbered through all 400+ pages of Emma, turned to Jane juvenile stories for inspiration? They are filled with zany plots and joie de vivre. I wonder if she decided to meld the boisterous tone of Jane youthful stories with the more layered and complex plot ofEmma. Meld? I think not. I think Amy gleefully tossed Emma subtext aside in favor of a bit of fun.

I am curious, gentle readers, about your take on both films. Do you agree or disagree with my assessments? Please let me know.

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