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womens moncler jackets Waterson on the other hand last saw TR at 45% during primetime so far back that the API tracker no longer even shows it (back in January).Waterson population disparity sorted itself out well before Matherson VS just continually used it as an excuse for all sorts of antics like blatantly allying with NC or to try and kick down TR or NC when things didn go their way (see my post about them having a victim complex).And honestly nobody gave a rats ass about TB outfit except for the SOE competition.Evidently people did, as it at one point made up close to 35 40% of Waterson TR population and regularly had up to 4 platoons running when TotalBiscuit was playing. It was a huge factor in early Waterson, and you dismissing it as “nobody cares” shows how little you actually know.SOE needs to quit being cheap and do what PS1 had a pop cap regardless of the other factions numbers. Cap everyone at Max 33% regardless of others current numbers.. womens moncler jackets

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