“I don’t know if they watched us or I watched them

Their nests have a single queen and typically around 5,000 workers, although there can be as many as 15,000.The ants you see throughout most of the year are workers, collecting food for the colony. Workers are all female and will be alive as adults for about a month. The flying ants you see once a year are males and young queens.Queens can live for over 10 years and spend most of their lives in their nest.

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Canada Goose sale High Street Banks05:00, 28 JUN 2018Shops are cutting branches faster than a hyperactive tree surgeon armed with a chainsaw in an attempt to stay alive and for many even that isn’t enough. These are the shops that have fallen and the others closing outlets this yearHigh Street BanksWhy your bank HAS to refund you if a direct debit is set up without your permission your fraud rights explainedDirect debits can be a minefield and sadly they commonly go wrong. Here are your rightsCurrent accountsHow much the big banks made from YOU last year and the one thing you can do to stop itThe figures come as Lloyds, HSBC, Barclays and RBS prepare to announce annual profits of a combined 26billion this weekHigh Street BanksThousands of free to use cash machines at risk of closing down as row over funding continues what’s changing on July 1Under the current Link network, customers of any bank can use ATMs for free, but this could crumble under a shake up that’s cutting rates paid to banksHigh Street BankMartin Lewis: How to be a ‘bank tart’ and bag yourself 1,000 cashBeing loyal doesn’t always pay, and the same goes for your bank account. Canada Goose sale

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