It could be written, “Steve punched Bob” in literal order, but

Does that mean NASB is the best one i should get

1) Whichever one is easiest for you to canada goose outlet read. One of my adult friends barely graduated high school and hates reading. I got an NIV for him and he barely touches the thing. I seriously thinking about getting him like a children Bible because the most important thing is just to have something that you can actually understand.2) The old fashioned King James Version because you hear a lot of scripture quotes from old sermons out of the KJV. I also like KJV for memorizing verses. It uses some dated language, but I think canada goose outlet woodbury that adds weight to the verses, especially when spoken. “Honour thy father and thy canada goose parka outlet mother” just has more weight to it than “Respect your father and your mother,” even though they mean the same thing.3) The Interlinear Bible for any deep studying of scripture. Use an online one so that it easy to hyperlink to the original words and definitions.A true literal translation would be nearly intelligible in English.The word orders are very different in Greek. Don’t know Hebrew.For example, in English, we typically have sentences that go Subject > verb > direct object. Like, “Bob punched Steve.” It’s not always, but the subject is almost always first in English.In Greek, the subject isn’t always first. It could be written, “Steve punched Bob” in literal order, but their noun case is what determines canada goose outlet mall who did the punching and who was punched. The noun canada goose outlet store toronto for Bob ends in a specific way, indicating it’s a subject, like O. So bob would be “Bobo” or “Bo”. Steve ends in a specific way, indicating it’s the direct object, like ous. So Steve would be like “Steveous” or “Stevous”. Making it obvious who the subject and direct object are.Most of the time, sentences are rephrased to make sense in English. However, sometimes, it’s not completely reworked because it can make sense still. This is what is meant by the “word for word” translations. Most of the time, each word is translated to its best English counterpart into as close the same word order as possible. However, this doesn’t always account canadagoosejacketoutlett for idioms or the fact words can have multiple meanings. And it can result in mistranslations or strange phrases.But the words mistranslated are typically mistranslated across all English translations. The big differences in translation are word order and involve interpreting to make easier to read and understand. Some translators may translate the interpretation of a passage into it, or make a modern comparison for parables. While this can be helpful, if they are wrong, it obviously harms more than helps.But the mistranslated words that are common, is the like the word for “Inn” in Luke 2. The word is the same as “upper room” where canada goose outlet in uk Jesus has the last supper. In other words, there wasn’t zero room in an inn. More like There was no room in the guest/dining room of likely distant family they were already staying at during the Census. While the meaning of the passage stays the same canada goose outlet in canada a miraculous birth of Christ it paints a very different narrative story. They rush through the town, trying to find a place to stay, and they can’t because they have no room at the inn. Eventually, they find someone willing to let them stay in a manger. The place is some cave or shed in a back canada goose outlet online reviews yard, and Jesus is set in a feeding trough.In this story, it sounds like everyone but God has abandoned Jesus and his parents. No welcomes the future messiah into the world. It’s filled with an anxiousness and frustration because people denied a pregnant woman room in their space. It’s a humbling start for the life of Jesus.A more accurate view:Joseph and Mary has arrived at their kins home in Bethlehem for the census. Many other family are also there. One day, Mary’s water breaks as they were staying in the upper room with countless family, as deserved of canada goose outlet shop guests. Whether she gives birth in the upper room or with the animals is unknown. It’s likely downstairs. All we do know is that because of the cramped area upstairs, there was no room for newborn baby to live. So he was wrapped and placed into a manger. An area that was downstairs and apart of the house still, but could be inside or outside, surrounded by animals walking as they please. Where the manger is the structure the animals eat from and close to everyone else.Jesus is born surrounded by family in the home of the descendants of King David in King David’s hometown. Jesus’ is surrounded by animals, reminiscent of King David’s life as a canada goose factory outlet vancouver shepherd of Bethlehem. And then Shepherds outside the city are the first to recognize him as the Messiah shortly after. It’s still a humble beginning for Jesus. But in this story, there’s no great anxious moment for Joseph and Mary, feeling as if God had abandoned them only to provide a last second hope. There’s no great miracle about finding a place at the last second providentially, rather the entire focus of the story is the Messiah. There’s a narrative shift on from how the western church projects onto the story. The Spanish “Eso s que es” is word for word, “That yes that is”, but is formally equivalent to, “That’s it!”Formal equivalence tries to produce an intelligible translation that most closely accounts for the meaning of all of the words employed in the original languages. Dynamic equivalence will take more liberties to make it more understandable and readable to a modern audience.Thought for thought also inevitably leads to thinks like gender bias and singular vs plural subjective interpretation. It can sometimes become a major theology changer (you see this in all the women teaching verses, for example) when words are left out for readability or actually need to be added for clarity of the Greek tense.

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