It really sucks that climate change and its accompanying

Call to include corporations in the bill alongside nation states

canada goose womens outlet It when you young that you tend Canada Goose Parka to think “I in this for what I can buy canada goose jacket get for myself and screw everyone else” because canada goose clearance sale you haven yet realized canada goose uk outlet how it doesn work like uk canada goose outlet that, and you haven yet formed the bonds of care and responsibility that integrate you into your world. When people accuse the old of caring only canada goose about what Canada Goose Outlet happens in their lifetimes this doesn ring true it cheap canada goose uk sounds much more like an uk canada goose immature canada goose uk shop attitude canada goose uk black friday that one might have when young. So I wonder, when people say this, are they (a) young people who aren really in touch with what old people care about, or (b) thinking Canada Goose sale specifically of the boomer generation in the USA?One way people should be looking at it, but won is that it took over 4 billion years for human intelligence to emerge. buy canada goose jacket cheap It took tens of Canada Goose Coats On Sale thousands of years for modern humans to develop the tools and knowledge to begin working toward an accurate understanding of the universe. It took countless wars, countless persecutions, countless mistakes. And yet people came close canada goose clearance to climbing past the old mistakes to form a responsible global civilization that had never before existed. canada goose womens outlet

canada goose factory outlet vancouver Now it collapsing into neo aristocracy while the world cooks itself to death. Will intelligence return in the new canada goose coats on sale conditions? Will it be able to piece together what humans were able to learn about their origins? Will it be able to get past technological canada goose store hurdles without easy access to fossil fuels? Or will life on Earth continue unaware until one day the sun boils it all away? canada goose factory outlet vancouver

canada goose outlet canada Humans are the only advanced intelligence that humanity has found in its early peeks at the rest of the universe. canada goose outlet canada goose outlet canada

canada goose jacket outlet sale Then there also the possibility of ecological extinction, where again we need the cooperation of all human governments, something that cheap Canada Goose we not even close to achieving. It really sucks that climate change and its accompanying environmental impacts happen so slowly, if we could have an Armageddon moment where nature presents us with a clear and immediate threat we could probably actually canada goose coats work together even with the flawed and archaic political systems we have in place today. canada goose jacket outlet sale

canada goose outlet toronto address There is an alternative not discussed too frequently though (at least not seriously); the evolution of artificial intelligence to surpass and replace us, and essentially carry the torch of human consciousness into the future. Humans might not make it, our biological evolution may be at an end, but perhaps our intellectual (genes if you will) can continue to be propagated by Canada Goose online our technological progeny for better or worse. I get wat people are saying when they try to reframe the argument from “save the planet” to “save humanity”. They want to cater to people canada goose factory sale self interest but I can see it as anything less than the pinnacle of human selfishness, to continue to indulge people in their selfish ways when so much is on the line seems irresponsible. By what right can we condemn trillions of lives and millions of species to extinction? This is our fault and whilst “some” life will inevitably endure it is really self centred to promote indifference towards life generally for canada goose black friday sale an issue we created. canada goose outlet toronto address

canada goose jacket outlet uk These species didn evolve over billions of years into marvels just to be Canada Goose Online wiped out by indifferent humans who then complain “but what about me?”. I exaggerated your argument a bit and this isn a personal attack, it just that I constantly see this sort of argument brought up: that we should be acting to save humanity rather than acting to not sterilise most of the planet of life canada goose jacket outlet uk.

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