It’s almost certainly not a coincidence that so many fictional

Avenging the Villain: Carl Volkin was committing home invasions and rapes together with his equally psychotic brother until officer Sam Staziak stopped them both and killed the younger Volkin. After getting out of prison Carl vows to get revenge on Staziak. Big Bad: Carl Volkin. Big “YES!”: Volkin gives one after he absorbs the psychic energy from his first two victims. Duel to the Death: Staziak and Volkin hold a scanner duel at the end of the film. Ear Ache: At the beginning, Staziak causes a hostage taker’s ear to melt off by scanning through his earpiece. Evil Wears Black: Volkin is notably the only villain in this entire series to go around entirely in black. Handwave: In the very first scene, two cops discuss how Sam is taking “a new form of Ephemerol” so he has all his Scanner powers and none of the complications. Heroic Suicide: Staziak’s real mother kills herself by jumping off a balcony, to prevent Volkin from absorbing her power so he can use it against her son. Life Energy: Scanners possess psychic energy that can be consumed by certain other scanners, absorbing the victim’s Designer Replica Handbags power into their own. Master of Illusion: During the final battle Staziak repeatedly creates a diversion by making Volkin attack an illusory projection of himself, causing Volkin to waste energy trying to kill Staziak. Psychic Assisted Suicide: Volkin kills an orderly at the psychiatric institution he escaped from by forcing him to shoot himself, and later directs a police officer to stand in front of an oncoming car. Psychic Nosebleed Serial Killer: Carl Volkin systematically kills other scanners so he can steal their life energy, and therefore, their powers. Technopath: Scanners use their minds to control personal computers. Title Drop:Volkin: I’m waiting for you, Scanner Cop!

However, sometimes initials may be used as a Shout Out to another, pre existing fictional character. It’s almost certainly not a coincidence that so many fictional super spies in the late 20th and early 21st century have had the initials “JB” (Jason Bourne, Jack Bauer, Jack Bristow, et al.) And sometimes the similarities may be subliminal or completely unintentional, as for instance with Gene Roddenberry’s dashing, womanizing, handsome young hero who first debuted in 1966. Although ostensibly named after Capt. James Cook, his “JTK” monogram would be merely a stroke and a half away from the commonly used monogram for a certain dashing, womanizing, handsome young president who had been martyred, in the eyes of many Americans, merely three years previously. Er. probably.

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