It’s not just brought on by ‘one night stands’ as you might

Why some women feel depressed straight after sex

Some women feel depressed immediately after sex a strange phenomenon, but there’s an explanation17:30, 24 APR 2018Updated18:03, 24 APR 2018There’s a lot more research needed canada goose clearance sale into why canada goose uk black friday this happens (Image: Getty) You’d think that most people would feel happy after sex. You’d Canada Goose Online hope so, anyway, but there’s an infliction that causes some women to suffer an immense sadness after intercourse.We’re not talking about anything untoward. The sex will be consensual, and yet some women endure something called post coital dysphoria, or tristesse.The condition means women might feel sad, anxious, aggressive, agitated, or simply melancholic immediately after having sex even if the sex uk canada goose was particularly good (in fact, it’s even more likely in this case). It can be a lonely and frightening experience for women.Why January 9 is the most common day for people to start cheating canada goose coats on their partnersThe issue has been explored by Sophie Saint Thomas in Mic. She spoke to Jerilyn, 27, about the affliction.”Even when I was canada goose single, the post sex depression morphed into a different shade of empty. canadian goose jacket I always attributed it to the fear of being abandoned,” Jerilyn, who only gave her surname, said.”I started to wonder if something was being taken from me every time I had sex, even though I enjoyed the act itself.”A recently study into the condition found that cheap canada goose uk 46 per cent of the 230 female participants experienced post coital dysphoria more than you think canada goose uk outlet “a few times” in the month prior to the research.Importantly, researchers found that Canada Goose UK Outlet intimacy or the significance of canada goose black friday sale the relationship didn’t seem to matter. It’s not just brought on by ‘one night stands’ as you might assume.Another study from 2011 revealed similar results. Around a third of women buy canada goose jacket said they felt depressed after sex even when it was “satisfactory”.How this sex ‘trick’ can make you live a lot longer but it’ll take a lot canada goose factory sale of self controlSex therapist and counsellor Canada Goose sale at relationships charity Relate Denise Knowles told The Independent : “It’s not uncommon to feel sad after sex.”It’s not necessarily due to a trauma or because they’re regretful: it doesn’t have to mean anything sinister is going on.”Denise said that it could be down to the explosion of hormones Canada Goose Jackets in the body that are prompted after sex, including endorphins, oxytocin, and prolactin.”Having sex is a hugely intimate act and canada goose coats on sale an Canada Goose Outlet orgasm releases lots of wonderful feel good bonding hormones,” she said.”Those hormones drop following the peak of an orgasm, and as you separate from the closeness that brought it about, a sense of sadness can follow.”You go from absolute joy and pleasure to being separated. That in its buy canada goose jacket cheap own way can cause women, and some men, Canada Goose Parka to feel a bit sad. But it’s an organic uk canada goose outlet biological function which happens to a greater or lesser extent to many people.”Scientists think this could be an evolutionary function something to keep people together so that they’re more likely to have sex again, and therefore reproduce. But there’s a lot more to discover.Read MoreWeird sexallMost ReadMost canada goose uk shop RecentSmartphonesLess is more! THREE inch smartphone fits in the palm of your hand but has all the features of a larger deviceIn the hopes of reducing the impact of smartphones on our canada goose store lives, one designer has Canada Goose online developed a concept for a tiny three inch phone canada goose clearance.

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