Job: Facilities Manager ($1500-$2000)

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Position: Facilities Manager ($1500-$2000)

Job Duties

– Management of major projects that give effect to the FTZ Development Plan

– Ensure full security and perform work in accordance with all governing local authorities and security team.

– Providing the strategic direction for FTZ’s Development Plans so that they are refreshed and updated on an annual basis.

– Ensuring facilities are used appropriately and according to established policies.

– Maintaining the facilities of the FTZ, including building, grounds, equipment, and furniture and fixtures.

– Ensure all building compliance requirements are met and are up to date.

– Management of access to all FTZ facilities, security, and grounds maintenance.

– Responsibility for letting and managing cleaning contracts for all FTZ’s facilities.

– Responsible for power from EDC, water from PPWSA, backup systems as well as environmental reporting to MOE.

– Purchasing of maintenance and up-keep supplies.

– Maintain and keep furniture and fittings up to date and replaced as appropriate.

– Management of staff cafeterias at Office Building campuses including the re-letting of tenders as appropriate.

– Management of the vehicle trafficking and parking.

– Overseeing and facilitating equipment and room setup for any purposed functions.

– Provision and management of employee accommodation.

– Developing and maintaining a vendor list of qualified consultants/contractors to carry out various repair and maintenance projects of facilities when needed, i.e. developing bid specifications, contracting and processing invoices etc.

– Ensure that all members of the facilities team have up to date job descriptions and that effective use is made of the performance management system including setting of goals and objectives and carrying out regular performance reviews.

– Build a team of specific engineers such as M&E engineer, Electrical engineer

– Hiring, coaching, and mentoring of staff so they continually improve performance and achieve their potential.

– Ensure that all health and safety obligations are complied with by facilities internal rules and regulations.

– Manage major and minor building projects including management of budgets so that projects are delivered within budget and provide management with early warning of any potential budget overruns so that risk can be managed and mitigated.

– Responsibility for financial management of the facilities annual operating budget including compliance with financial delegations.


Job Requirements

– The ability to contribute to the long-term financial planning and results, including controlling costs and managing budgets for own cost centers.

– The ability to suggest and contribute new ideas and initiatives.

– The ability to develop and maintain excellent relationships with staff at all levels of the company, clients, and other stakeholders including members of the Office Buildings.

– The ability to utilize personal skills to achieve goals and a high standard of performance. Positively leading, motivating and effectively working with colleagues, staff and customers in a team environment.

– The ability to use the technology required in day-to-day work including experience in the use of word processing, spreadsheet and database software such as Microsoft Word and Excel.

– Have a general understanding of power from EDC, water from PPWSA, full security, backup systems as well as environmental reporting to MOE, but can build a team of specific engineers as needed

– The ability to proactively recognize and respond to the differing needs of other individuals and groups.

– The ability to recognize and support FTZ needs in a culturally appropriate manner.


Interested applicants may submit your updated CV (4×6 photo attached) with expected salary and Cover letter without any certificates.

Adddress: 11C, st. Sola, Sangkat Steungmeanchey, Khan Meanchey, Phnom Penh
Tel: 010 6 999 08


Title Facilities Manager ($1500-$2000) Categories Others
Location Phnom Penh Start Date
Salary Closing Date Nov 30, 2018
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