Job: HANUMAN AUTO TRADING CO., LTD (GM for Leasing and Micro Finance)

Job Description:

  • Manage team of credit officers, collection officer and accountants
  • Manage credit quality and take judicious decisions
  • Preparing long term strategic plan to make the maximum profit and detail plan
  • Oversee and ensure daily loan operations.
  • Develop and implementing growth strategies.
  • Evaluate performance and productivity.
  • Analyze loan finance data.
  • Identify and suggest growth opportunities.
  • Prepare business expansion planning to get approval from BOD
  • Oversee preparation of the daily, monthly and annual report summarizing progress on short and long range plans.
  • Generate reports and give presentations.


  • University Degree in Business Administration, Management, Finance or similar.
  • At least 5 – 8 years of experience with MF or Bank sector
  • Good communication and interpersonal skill
  • High commitment
  • Financial planning skill


Contact Person: Mr. Hon Dara
Phone: 081 500 651 / 070 555 309
Address: #A08 (Behind DHL), Russion BLvd, Sangkat Toek Thla, Khan Sen Sokh, Phnom Penh

Title HANUMAN AUTO TRADING CO., LTD (GM for Leasing and Micro Finance) Categories Others
Location Phnom Penh Start Date
Salary Closing Date Jun 13, 2020
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