Legatt works out of the party’s Calgary office

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replica handbags china SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileAfter being reduced to 10 MLAs in last week’s provincial election, the Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta has now reduced its staff to just one employee.Past president Bill Smith says 10 staff members, including executive director Kelley Charlebois and communications manager Bryce Forbes have been let go. The party has also let two contract employees go.”For the long term viability of the party we had to make some moves and this is the first of them,” Smith said in a telephone interview.The lone employee remaining is Evan Legate. “He’s going to have to wear a lot of hats,” according to Smith.Legatt works out of the party’s Calgary office.A contract employee is in charge of the Edmonton office until the end of the month when Smith says the party will need to talk to the landlord about options for keeping it open.A transition committee has been established, drawn from the PCAA executive replica handbags china.

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