(Newspapers and other media are under no orders to follow AP

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His “heartfelt apology,” as his surrogates have claimed he offered, was hardly that, but what is heartfelt is his anger and his arrogance. He cannot believe, it seems, that he is being drawn over the coals for what he really believes is “locker room talk.” In this culture, which has minimized the seriousness of sexual assault, Trump is caught in a net of accusations and criticisms because he is running for president. That fact should not matter, he and his supporters are saying.

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Designer Fake Bags She believes the allegations of sexual misconduct against Donald Trump allegations he has denied and thinks that they have driven more women into the candidate pool.”We have a sexual assaulter in the White House,” she said. “I mean, there can’t replica designer bags be any larger motivation.””I know one moment in the presidential campaign that was disturbing to me was the ‘grab ’em’ comment made by Donald Trump with the leaked tapes,” said Jordan Taylor, who ran for the House in South Carolina in 2016 and plans on running again in the coming years. She was referring to the infamous Access Hollywood tape in which the then Republican nominee seemed to brag about committing sexual assault.”I just really felt in that moment replica bags that there wasn’t really anyone who was qualified to deal with and analyze how that affected so many people on a deep level,” Taylor said.It’s not buy replica bags online all about Trump and Clinton personally; for every woman, there is a unique batch of issues and reasons why she wants to run.”In grad school I just didn’t have a job that afforded me the opportunity to have health insurance, so luckily I was able to stay on my parents’ insurance because of [the ACA],” she said Designer Fake Bags.

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