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This shape is so huge for Spring. I am totally into it and putting it on my must have list for the season. This bag has so much edge for something that is perfectly round. I love the vintage look with the distressed leather and metal handle, it is sophisticated in a young and hip way rather than the old lady and so-classic-that-it-is-boring way we usually associated that term with. It is playful and shows you know how to push the envelope with your look. We usually pooh-pooh shoulder straps but in this case, I really love it. With a more casual outfit this bag hanging off your side is very urban and totally chic. The large loose pleats give it depth so it doesn’t look like a throw pillow but my favorite detail is the handle – it is effortlessly subtle and the size is in perfectly proportion. I know you might think the color is a little boring for me, but with a bag like this you need to go neutral or it will look clownish. The distressed leather gives it texture and interest so it isn’t just a nude bag. Miu Miu Vitello $1345, pre-order at Bergdorf Goodman, due to ship in April but from my experience, pre-order items usually ship sooner than they promise.

I really love the bags on the it bag list but sadly this bag does look like a fattened up tick that one finds on dogs. No offense to its supporters, but the color and all just reminds me of a tick.

A “fattened-up tick”? Blergh. I didn’t like it that much to begin with. Now, I have a vision of fountains of blood erupting from it when somebody presses it.

Oh, and my room-mate would like me to point out that she thinks that it looks like a whoopee cushion.

We are not feeling the Miu Miu love, I’m afraid.

I’m not feeling the love for this bag either. It looks like a bad take off of Marni’s balloon bag which I happen to love!

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I agree that it looks like a bad rip-off of the balloon bag, which I also love! And it lacks the playful, interesting textural detail of the balloon, with the well-placed mihalis , thick, angular brown leather elements appealingly contrasting the shiny, gathered patent.

The handle on this one looks anemic and fragile for such a voluminous bag, and the skinny strap doesn’t stand up to the largeness, either. Count me among the detractors, I guess. I just can’t find anything worthwhile about this boring, mediocre, overpriced effort.

Even though I LOVE Miu Miu bags, this one leaves me scratching my head. The handle looks too dainty for the size and proportion of the bag; I’d be afraid of it snapping off if I put too much stuff in it!

agree… im miu miu bag’ fans,but not for this one…

Blech! This is not cute at all! and it looks huge mihalis , do you fill this with stuffed animals too?

I saw this bag in person at Lane Crawford today (HK) in purple…. it’s ugly! The bag is SO BIG (esp for 5’2″ me), it’s super puffy (I saw it in purple suede). The handle is VERY small and dainty, you almost expect it to snap!

i love this bag so much!

but one thing is that when you put all of your things in it, it sags at least a couple inches so it does not keep that nice round shape unstuffed!

this bag is also available in a smaller size and in multiple colors and i just saw it a nordstrom today!

this bag is also available in a smaller size and in multiple colors and i just saw it a nordstrom today!

hello kelly,

i just thought i’d share with you that because of your post on this bag, i was compelled to go see it for myself. I fell in love with it. I have the smaller version of the 2 which is still a nice size. I also got it in this exact color. It really does have style and flair for such a neutral color. The handle is not as delicate as it seems in the picture. It really does work though with the strap.

Thanks for the great posts!


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