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Full Spec. Nasal Spray contains all the components necessary to react with the human body and create molecules beneficial for health (a process known as the Entourage Effect). This spray is designed as a fast on-the-go solution to cope with various health conditions. The basis, as well as the main ingredient of the spay, is natural hemp oil. Major blood vessels end in capillaries in the nasal cavity, which is why consuming CBD in the form of a nasal spray ensures its better absorption into the bloodstream and consequently guarantees faster effect. As a result, you need a smaller dosage for a better result. Full Spec. Nasal Spray copes effectively with both physical and emotional problems naturally with no side effects. It handles seizures, shakes, as well as anxiety. Moreover, this product helps keep nasal mucosa moisturized, nasal passages open, and may help prevent bloody, stuffy noses. You are able to choose the most appropriate strength of the spray based on your needs and the severity of the symptoms.

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Price from 21.7 Per unit

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