Tops Five Cool Facts About Broadband Internet

These days, most people can barely imagine what life would be like without broadband internet. Well, something so important should be understood even on the most basic level. So for those of you who are willing to learn a thing or two about this topic, here are the tops five cool facts about broadband internet.

First of all, it is a fact that broadband internet is very popular. In fact, the country with the fastest broadband internet connection is the not the US. It’s South Korea (16.6 Mbit/s), followed by Japan, Hong Kong and various Asian countries. Considering the infrastructure necessary to support high speed internet connections, it goes without saying that internet speed is taken seriously by a lot of countries.

Second, broadband internet is great for watching videos. Okay, so we all know that YouTube or any other site that features online videos exist roblox cheats online partly because of broadband internet. Well, that’s an understatement, because according to Horowitz Associates, around 61% of broadband internet users use this technology to either watch or download videos off the internet at least once a week.

In a world where mass media is game of war fire age cheats increasingly becoming consolidated into one medium, it isn’t premature to say that broadband internet is one of the factors which drives this particular trend.

Third, broadband internet speed is fast. Yes, it’s fast alright, but just how fast can it go? Most people want to know. After all, it’s one thing to drive a fast car, learning its top speed however, is even more interesting. Well, if you’re wondering, the fastest recorded internet speed is 186 Gbps, a mind blowing figure that is expected to be overtaken in coming years when broadband internet is upgraded for faster speeds.

Fourth, broadband internet offers plenty of variety. Now, for most people the broadband internet is just broadband internet, but did you know that there different types of broadband connection? Although there are two main types of broadband connection, namely fixed line broadband and wireless broadband, what people don’t know is that there are numerous kinds of wireless broadband. These include Wi-Fi or Wireless Fidelity, 3G, 4G, Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access, Satellite, MMDS and Free Space Optics.

Considering our general love this website dependence on broadband internet connections, it’s reasonable to say that we can expect new types of wireless broadband technology emerge in the future. So keep your fingers crossed.

And fifth, broadband internet is cheap, resilient and easy to use. In terms of cost, broadband users only need to pay a fixed monthly charge to their service provider. For this fixed amount, you will have fast internet connection regardless of the weather, your location or the specs of your laptop. Also, once the broadband installation is complete, you will be given your own guide to teach you how broadband internet works and how to use it. So in this regard, you have nothing to worry about. The whole system is designed to be easy.

So those are basically the tops five cool facts about broadband internet. There are plenty of other things you can learn about this topic by browsing the internet.

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