Toronto, On Foot Specialist, Marz Hardy, D.Ch., B.Sc., Podiatric Medicine Offers A Website With Reliable, Easy-to-read E

TORONTO, ON- At the Toronto, ON Chiropodist office of Marz psn codes generator online Hardy, an educated patient is a healthier patient. That’s because Marz Hardy offers an extensive patient education library on his website www.academyclinic[dot]com that answers questions concerning procedures, foot care and the kinds of services a chiropodist like Marz Hardy provides.

After visiting Marz Hardy’s Toronto Foot Care website, click on the far right link labeled “Patient Education.” On the left-hand side of the page, you will see a variety of links to patient education materials. These carefully researched articles provide thorough, easy-to-understand information on treatments patients may be considering or basic principles related to foot care. Fresh or new content is added regularly and a “Featured Article of the Week” is highlighted on a weekly basis.

“We pride ourselves on empowering patients with knowledge, both in and outside our office,” says Marz Hardy, a Toronto, ON Chiropodist. “Our patient education materials are a jumping-off point for more questions in our office. We are always happy to answer them.”

The patient education materials provide further information on services Marz Hardy provides in her Toronto, ON Chiropodist’s office. These include shockwave therapy, a foot treatment used to treat foot pain, such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis and heel pain. The treatment utilizes special technology that directs sonic waves toward the painful foot. The painless procedure takes less than 10 minutes to perform.

The “Fitness and Your Feet” section focuses on a variety of exercises and treatments to keep your game of war fire age cheats feet feeling your best. From toe exercises to relieve cramping to stretches that can reduce Achilles heel pain, the patient education materials outline simple, easy-to-perform exercises that can offer pain-relieving results.

In addition to learning more about feet and treatments, readers can also learn about the chiropodist specialty. As a Toronto, ON chiropodist, Hardy treats acute and chronic foot conditions. The article outlines the numerous aspects of Hardy’s practice, from consulting with patients to fitting patients with custom orthotic shoe inserts to treating a variety of foot conditions.

“My practice is designed to provide comprehensive foot care and help patients find relief from foot problems they never thought possible,” explains Marz Hardy, Toronto foot specialist. “We provide throne rush hack tool online care in a welcoming environment utilizing the latest technologies to keep people on their feet without the need for surgery.”

For more information on Marz Hardy’s Academy Foot and Orthotic office, call (416) 465-8737 to schedule a consultation. Her Toronto, ON chiropodist office is located at 752 Broadview Avenue in Toronto. You can find free patient education materials by visiting his website at www.academyclinics[dot]com.

About Academy Foot and Orthotic Clinics: Marz Hardy graduated from Michener Institute as a Toronto Chiropodist and Toronto Foot Specialist 2001. She did her clinical training at the Michener Foot Clinic and Toronto General Hospital. Her husband, Dr. John A. Hardy, employed Marz Hardy at Academy Foot and Orthotic Clinics in 2001, which has been owned, and in operation since 1980. She received her B.Sc., Podiatric Medicine in 2004 at Sunderland University, United Kingdom. Marz Hardy is the first Foot Specialist in Canada qualified and certified in Active Release Technique of the lower limb, (A.R.T.) in 2006 and was recertified in March, 2012. She hopefully will be the first Chiropodist in Ontario to own and operate her own X-Ray machine, qualified by the Ministry of Health under the HARP Act if the CoCoO stops interfering. Marz Hardy recently completed post-graduate training in pharmacology at Michener Institute in 2012 and post-graduate course in X-Ray reading at the Michener Institute completed with A+ in 2013. She is a member of the College Of Chiropodists Of Ontario (CoCoO), The Canadian Federation Of Podiatric Medicine(CFPM), the Ontario Society Of Chiropodists (OSC), the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA), the Canadian Pharmacists Association (CPHA), the American Pharmacists Association (APHA), the American Association Of Women Podiatrists (AAWP), The American Academy Of Podiatric Sports Medicine (AAPSM), the Academy Of Podiatric Practice Management (APPM), the American Society Of Podiatric Dermatology (ASOPD) and the Prince Edward Island Podiatry Association (PEIPA).

Media Contact:
Marz Hardy, D.Ch.,B.Sc
752 Broadview Avenue
Toronto, ON M1R2x7
(416) 465-8737

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