Towle Stainless Flatware – Six Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I clean my sterling/stainless? Although psn codes generator online our Towle stainless flatware is dishwasher safe, we recommend hand washing and drying, as the drying cycle of your dishwasher may be too harsh for the flatware’s surface. We always recommend hand washing and hand drying your sterling silver flatware. Also, be sure never to wrap fine sterling flatware in elastic, newspaper, or plastics as the chemicals in these materials can damage your sterling flatware’s beautiful surface.

2. What are the differences between 18/10 and 18/8 stainless steel flatware? 18/10 and 18/8 is a reference to the percentage of chrome and nickel contained in the stainless steel alloy. The “18” refers to the chrome content, which gives your stainless steel flatware its strength. The “8” or “10” refers to the flatware’s nickel content, which gives the flatware its magnificent shine and rust resistance. 18/8 is the premium alloy, this grade is to stainless as sterling is to silver. Some less expensive alloys contain no nickel. These alloys are susceptible to rusting if left in contact with water for extended periods of time.

3. If 18/8 is good, is 20/10 better? Not at all; 18/8 is the accepted benchmark formula for quality stainless steel.

4. Stainless steel means it will never stain, right? Wrong. It simply means it will stain less than other steels and certainly less than other metals such as silver, bronze, aluminum, etc. Stainless steel is today’s best metal for flatware but can stain throne rush hack tool online if subjected to adverse conditions.

5. What causes rust on my stainless? Is the rust removable? Rust is simply the oxidation of iron. 18/8 steel can’t unite with oxygen to create iron oxide (rust) without the help of outside elements. The most common cause of rusting on stainless steel is water with a high mineral concentration. If flatware is not completely dried after washing, the remaining water evaporates and the minerals, which were in suspension, settle on the stainless and cause rusting. The rust is easily removed by using a moist sponge and any good cleanser. Rusting can be prevented by completely drying your stainless steel by hand or by making sure that the drying cycle on your automatic dishwasher is functioning properly.

6. Why should stainless be washed thoroughly before the first use? Often a metal dressing is used on the steel during shipment to protect against corrosion and to keep the finish in original condition. Thorough cleaning before use is recommended. Flatware washed in an automatic dishwasher share our website should be cleaned by hand occasionally as well as even the best dishwashers cannot prevent the build-up of detergent film on flatware, dinnerware, or glassware. Occasional hand washing will keep your flatware free of film, preserve its finish, and keep it sanitary.

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