What’s more, the landlord couple seemed really nice and so did

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buy canada goose jacket cheap The few Bollywood films that offer a romantic view of live in relationships may have made it a topic of living room discussion in middle class Indian homes. But many of us seem oblivious to its dynamics and its legal, social and emotional repercussions. Live in couples from across Indian cities tell us their tales. buy canada goose jacket cheap

uk canada goose outlet The house was perfect. uk canada goose outlet

With 720 sq ft of carpet area, it was sprawling by Mumbai standards; and it was bright; and airy. It came with the furniture; and they could move in the next day if they wanted. Overlooking the lush green suburban campus of the Mumbai University, the apartment was located in (as the broker, like all brokers, kept insisting) the heart of the city at least three train stations were less than 20 minutes canada goose outlet store quebec away, the two arterial roads were five and 15 minutes away respectively and the rent was well within budget. What’s more, the landlord couple seemed really nice and so did the broker who introduced the two parties. It was a done deal and everyone was all smiles till the house owners popped a fairly casual question, the kinds you ask when you’re making small talk.

“How long have you two been married?”

canadian goose jacket Just as casually, the young couple sitting across the table dressed in a pair of jeans and t shirt sipping their chai replied that they weren’t. canadian goose jacket

“And you live together?”

It was all downhill after that

were pretty much asked to leave the house immediately after he finished ranting,” Ozay Parekh canada goose outlet in canada recollects of the evening. “It was bizarre. One moment they were fawning upon us, the next moment they were criticising us, commenting on our clothes. And then going off on a tangent, the husband suggested there was no way he would let his house be used for orgies! However much we tried to convince them that we were as ‘normal’ as any other ‘regular married couple’, it didn’t make a difference! Because we weren’t married and were staying together, we were, in their books, swingers and there was no telling them otherwise.”

Parekh has been talking animatedly over the phone for a little over 15 minutes telling me his and his partner’s house hunting travails. It’s canada goose clothing uk funny the way he narrates them but I could imagine it must’ve been a nightmare.

cheap canada goose uk Finally, having left with few options their broker had stopped taking their calls canada goose outlet store uk after that meeting they decided to pretend they were married. She bought a mangalsutra from the local market, he a ring. She wore an Indian outfit for all the subsequent meetings and he opted for western formals, shirt tucked in. He contemplated oiling his hair too but that he thought was perhaps too much. cheap canada goose uk

Like they had done for job interviews earlier, both rehearsed possible scenarios and planned their answers.

Their next meeting went flawless. They got the house and settled in.

canada goose factory sale When I spoke to a local property broker, pretending canada goose factory outlet to be a prospective tenant, and told him I was looking for an apartment to rent for my girlfriend and me, he didn’t get it. Or at least he said he didn’t. “Toh aapko do ghar chahiye?” he asked. “So you want two separate houses?” canada goose factory sale

Why would I want two houses, I tried to reason with him. My girlfriend was moving in with me and I needed one canada goose outlet store toronto apartment, large enough to share with her.

canada goose clearance “Nahi milega,” was all he said before disconnecting the call (You won’t get it!).” canada goose clearance

Another broker (sounding irritated): “Aisa sab dhanda hum nahi karta hai.” (We don’t get involved in such deals). Click!

Yet another: “Bol do shaadi ho gaya hai! (Say you’re married!)”

His elder brother, with all noble intentions: “Shaadi kyun nahi kar lete? (Why don’t you get married?)”

Sounding incredulous (by this time, I wasn’t even pretending), I asked him who he thought would pay for my marriage.

canada goose black friday sale Pat came the reply, “Shaadi nahi canada goose outlet trillium parka black karoge toh ghar kaisa milega? canada goose outlet washington dc (How do you expect to get an apartment if you aren’t married?)” canada goose black friday sale

The thing about cohabiting in India is canada goose outlet winnipeg address that the challenges start even before you move in. What Ozay Parekh and his girlfriend went through isn’t new or unusual. To avoid these situations many young couples take the easy way out and lie.

In most cases, it doesn’t even matter. Unfortunately in Lakshmi Pandit’s life, it did.

canada goose coats Pandit was on the top of the world after having won Miss India World title in 2004. Days after her victory, news got out that she was married to an aspiring model, Siddharth Mishra. In the lease she’d signed for a rental accommodation in Mumbai, she’d even taken Mishra’s last name. canada goose coats

In the days that followed, it turned out that Mishra was only her live in partner and had lied just so it would be possible for her to get an apartment in Mumbai she filed an affidavit in the court to the effect.

Eventually, Pandit surrendered her crown, making her the only beauty queen in the history of the pageant to do so.

Securing accommodation is perhaps just one of the many reasons Indians prefer to keep their relationship status ambiguous. But the social stigma attached to live in relationships and the questions it throws up can be quite difficult https://www.canadagooseparka.biz to deal with.

Canada Goose Coats On Sale The sad truth is that much as we like to believe that we’ve opened up as a society, we are often reminded that we in fact, haven’t. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

Urmila Pullat a law student in Pune who along with her classmates has been responsible for drafting a bill to ‘define, recognise and regulate live in relationship between two adult individuals’ tells me that though her parents were appreciative of her efforts, they hoped that she wasn’t planning to ‘do something like this’. And even though Pullat wants to ideally move in with her boyfriend before getting married, she admits that chances of that happening are remote. Both their parents live in Bangalore so it’d be a sacrilege, she says, if she moves back to the city and decides to rent out an apartment to stay with her boyfriend.

The bill that was part of an assignment was drafted by Pullat and her classmates Deepti Ravishanker, Latika Deo, Sandhya Ramaswamy, Priyanka Sohoni and Kriti Gahlout under the guidance of their teacher Sathya Narayan.

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