When we think of the accumulative effect or principle we

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hermes birkin bag replica cheap Who dropped a dime on Trump? Is the person a coward or a hero? Jump to Last Post 1 11 of 11 discussions (134 posts)Someone from Trump’s inner circle wrote an op ed in NYT, saying what Never Trumpers and others have said for 2 years? What will happen in the next 90 days? Will GOP Congress investigate?La Veeztaposted 2 months agoin reply to thisIf I were Trump he has to know this is someone of a group of his people that he knows has opposed his actions so it’s not hard to start wth that group and meet one on one with each one of the suspects and let them all know, one at a time, if they don’t give up who this is he will start firing them until the guy gives himself up or they tell him who it is and get each one hermes replica on record recorded denying it’s him/her or that they know who it is.These type of people don’t want to lose a job like they have in this administration because of what one coward did they will give him up or eventually he’ll be fired with the whole group, one at a time. And then replace the slugs with good people.La Veeztaposted 2 months agoin reply to thisThere are no lengths to which the Democrats, Republican Never Trumpers, the media and the swamp will go to get rid of Trump and keep him from completing more campaign promises (which will be fulfilled by Pence anyway if he were gone so that’s a feeble wish on their part). They have gone from spending millions to create a totally false dossier to books that are no less made up and now this coward and the NYT the only people who will vote based on these lies are brainless TDSers while thinking people can see right through the ruses and what the left is trying to do it won’t replica hermes avalon blanket work to anyone’s advantage but Trump just like everything they pulled on him during his campaign didn’t work but actually got him elected because people are sick of the old predictable career politicians who could care less about the country above themselves.GA Andersonposted 2 months agoin reply to thisYour comparisons are apt Wilderness, but let’s put this to the point of the discussion, not comparable generalizations.Specifically concerning the Op ed allegations, and specifically concerning the good of our nation, how would you answer the question put to La Veezta?Is your bar for owed loyalty unconditional? If you cannot meet that bar, is your only ethical recourse resignation consequences be damned? Or, would you consider a higher loyalty to country?Whew, that “higher loyalty” thing was a relief Wilderness.Although I won’t completely dismiss the Op ed piece, I do see the potential reality of your point hermes birkin bag replica cheap.

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