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As the name suggests, a personal essay writing implies self-analysis of one’s character traits. It reflects a writer’s experience that has personal meaning or talks about his/her opinion on a topic important to them. A personal essay has these general elements:

  • It is based on personal experiences

  • It is a narrative that includes imagery, conflict, setting, plot, characterization, and dialogue.

  • It is always written in the first person

  • It could be taken as an autobiographical story where the writer describes a situation that led to personal growth.

  • It is a glimpse of the writer’s life.

  • It is honest and talks about a real-life experience

  • It is dramatized using scene building.

How to write a personal essay and succeed in the writing assignments

Personal essays may sound easy, but a lot goes in when you write a personal essay. You need to put your knowledge of fiction and storytelling as you write about factual events. Develop characters, plot, and set within the story. As much as personal essay writing tells your story, it should reveal a greater meaning or a deeper truth beyond the character and the plot. You should a find a voice that is one of a kind and makes the piece stand out yet still fits the subject you are focusing on. Finding the right voice whether funny, solemn, ironic, anxious, etc., is challenging to many writers. With time and practice, you will be able to hone the skill and be more versatile in your writing. Play with different literary devices and techniques to add more flavor to your essay. Lastly, the more you read, the more you know. Reading a lot opens your mind to a world of knowledge so if you want to write better, read more.

 Ensure you write your personal essay properly

A lot is hanging on the line when writing a personal essay so you should make sure you write your personal essay properly. Personal essay writing is admittedly difficult, and it is not wrong to ask for personal essay help. You could browse through sample personal essays to get a general idea of how to write one. It does not mean that you copy everything, but you could use the sample essay as a guideline to write a personal essay.

Where to get professional and prompt personal essay help

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