He been drinking ever since and I believe he in his 60s

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He had the same hat and jacket and that’s about It. This happened right next to my house, but I can see the similarities. The police sketch canada goose outlet online store review was based off some foggy snap chat photo so who knows how accurate it truly was. Plus it was a couple years ago as well. My dad is the same age and his hair just now started to turn very white. When i graduated high school (2015) it was still brown and just recently it became white. Disgusting either way! I hope they are able to canada goose coats uk test the his DNA and see what is the deal.

canada goose I have wondered this same thing. Just like with the Jon Bennett Ramsey case. Her parents, other canada goose jacket outlet family members, and friends were all cleared. They did find trace DNA through what they call a Scratch Test. There were no matches in the data base, so whoever it was that committed this crime their DNA was not found in gooseyou.com the system. They could have committed other crimes before, or after, but just canada goose outlet official has never been caught. The same could be in the Jamye Closs case. canada goose

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Actually. Most bites are from canada goose outlet new york smaller breeds. Pit bulls and mixes do more damage and are more publicized. The owners are to blame 100 percent. These are powerful breeds and they do have strong personalities. They are not breeds for first time inexperienced owners who do not understand structure and discipline. They are also loving cuddle bugs that adore attention and are loyal and protective.

Canada Goose online It’s all in how they are raised, handled and trained. Like any other breed they should not be bought as trophies, raised or kept for “prestige” or handled for breeding by those looking to increase their reputation. Canada Goose online

Don’t blame a whole breed for the actions of the dogs canada goose outlet reviews that have not been handled correctly.

You’ll note I did not say “sweet baby would never” or “they are all adorable” as a matter of fact. My neighbors dog attacked my dog 2x and bit me. Wasn’t the dogs fault. Was the neighbor. The dog was in general well behaved unless another animal was around and triggered his unchecked and untrained responses. Then he got aggressive.

canada goose uk black friday I recommended they put the dog down. If a dog, even canada goose outlet online store one you care for, is aggressive you as a responsible owner have a duty to deal appropriately. canada goose uk black friday

Just thoughts from an American Bully owner AND someone that has been attacked.

Common sense folks. That’s all it takes

(Let the flames begin)

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You’ll note I did say If there is a. Aggressive dog it the the owners responsibility to deal with that. Sometimes (and I mean rarely) you do get a dog (in all breeds) that is just inherently aggressive or unable to be trained away from aggression all breeds just like human folk have their psychos. It is then the owners responsibility to have that dog euthanized as a LAST resort again, common sense and professional opinions and vet advice should prevail.

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Yes, I saw that. And I agree for the most part that handling dogs is largely what influences their behaviors. The problem with a pit bull (and some of the other large breeds with aggressive tendencies) is that you don’t know they’re going to break bad until it happens pens, and then the damage is already done. It sucks that people have trained the pit bulls to be so aggressive that it stays ingrained in them so long. Dogs are awesome and they love to please their owners!

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uk canada goose outlet This is just so gruesome it breaks my heart. Poor baby. I wasn expecting to hear that and I guess being pregnant too, I just pitty Shan pregnancy on top of everything else. He gave none of his family any dignity in death and it just boggles my mind that he treated their bodies like disposable trash. Almost like he didn regret it,until he got caught. uk canada goose outlet

cheap Canada Goose And the way he murdered his family is just so. Intimate. Chris must have a lot of practice disassociating himself because I don know how he thought he could go about his canada goose jacket uk business, working, giving interviews, texting his gf, etc. without that replaying in his head. cheap Canada Goose

I woke up this morning from nightmares about everything we learned yesterday. Hopefully there is no escape or canada goose outlet distractions in his mind canada goose outlet toronto from his misdeeds now. I really hope he is tortured by their memory.

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Canada Goose Coats On Sale I have a few alcoholic frequent fliers that I gotten to know. I just bluntly asked them how they became an addict. One of them was given alcohol as a kid by his parents because they thought drunk kids was funny. He been drinking ever since and I believe he in his 60s. I wish there was a hospice type service for some of these lifelong addicts so they have a place to stay and just be comfortable. The likelihood that they are going to finally sober up at the end of their life is zero Canada Goose Coats On Sale.

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