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Our Own Services
1. HR Compliance Advisory 2. Job Advertising

Sombokjob offers HR Compliance Consolatory to all kind of Business, individuals and NGOs in Cambodia. We are good choice to be your partner to consult your Labor Law, tax both local and international. We are corporate with some Networks, Government and much more with dedicated expertise team to solve your problem and requirements. We provide the following service such as the following:

  • Work Permit, Quota and Medical Check-up
  • NSSF Registration for New Business & NGO
  • Declaration for NSSF Contribution
  • Declaration for Staff Movement In/Out
  • Declaration for Staff Overtime
  • Work Book and Medial Check-up
  • Tax on Salary
  • Employment Agreement and Other Benefits
  • Other HR Compliance Servicek

Sombokjob provide the online job advertising service for all kind of Business and NGOs If you want to post a job on our popular website, please kindly post directly into our website by create a username or send the details to email address sombokjob@gmail.com and also please include where possible,:

  • The details of your organization or company.
  • The description about the vacancy
  • Salary Rang
  • The requirements for the position
  • The preferred requirements for the position
  • The closing date
  • Details/instructions on how to apply
  • Your full contact details
  • If you can also supply the details written in the Khmer language using KHMER UNICODE it would also be appreciated.
3. Payroll and Tax on Salary 4. Banner Advertising

Sombokjob provide the Payroll & Tax on Salary Service for your Business & NGOs through our processing system as below:

  • To facilitate the employers for Payroll processing through by Bank transfer or Microfinance Institution.
  • To sure that your employees receive their salaries through direct Bank deposits.
  • This confidential Payroll system is provides the regular statements and Tax on Salary preparations for monthly Tax declaration.
  • To provide the regular Accounting Report and employee’s Payslip.
  • To provide the Payroll denominations incase of Salary is directly paid by Cash.

Sombokjob provide the online Banner advertising service through by job advertising for all kind of Business and NGOs If you want to advertise on our popular website, please kindly send the details to email address sale@sombokjob.com and also please include the information as below;:

  • Place of Banner Advertising
  • Duration of Banner Advertising
  • Size of Banner Adverting
  • Others
3. Payroll and Tax on Salary
  1. Legal Consultation
  2. Tax and Accounting

HR Services Price List

I. Payroll Services
Rates for Monthly Pay
No Number of Employees Charge Remarks
1 0-100 $30.00 – No charge for Bank transfer Services
2 101-200 $50.00 – No charge for Payroll Tax Services
3 201-300 $70.00 – No charge for Payroll Denomination & Payslip
4 301-400 $90.00 – No charge for Accounting Reports
5 401-500 $110.00 *Note: Additional fee of 50$ for every increasing
6 501-600 $130.00 100 Headcounts or less than one Hundred
Additional Fee for New Employees $1.00 Per New Employee
II. NSSF Services
Rates for Monthly Pay
1 Monthly Declaration for NSSF Services $50.00
III. Ministry of Labour Services
Rates Per time
No Number of Employees Charge Remarks
1 Work Book $6.00 – Per New Employee include everything
2 Declearation Staff Movement $50.00 – Per time
3 Request Annual Quota for Expat $100.00 – Request Annual Quota for Expat. using is not
4 Work Permit $180.00 over than 10% of total Khmer Staff Headcount
5 Register NSSF Certificate $100.00 charge 50$ for every one additional Headcount
6 Others No Including for Medical Check-up fee

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