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To be honest, you lucky you have canada goose outlet come to this conclusion so early, for others it can take decades or a whole career. If you feel like the commercial aspect of creative work is destroying you maybe it best find find something else for work and see if you gravitate back to this as a hobby.I totally understand and feel your concerns about having canada goose factory outlet to keep learning for the rest of your life. I suppose I come to terms with it and even if I didn work in CG I would follow the trends and news because it interests me enough. If I lost that passion it would become a drain quickly.Finding other work might gain you some canada goose clothing uk perspective and you might be able to find a pathway that is more sustainable or try it for a year see if you prefer it. There no shame in preferring a different lifestyle and taking a year out of CG won be as negative as you think. If you did come back canada goose parka outlet uk I bet you would still have grown as an artist.How canada goose parka uk do I retrieve the Focal Length of a Video shot with G7X Mark II? I took a picture of it mater to get the data which I will put down in the description but it only adds to canada goose jacket outlet store the confusion. But for tracking (haven done it in blender but have in syntheyes and nuke) you really want to forget about the crop factor and find the actual sensor size aka backplate size. You have to trawl through tech specs online. Then use the 8.8mm focal length.For now just worry about the horizontal dimension of the sensor. I explain why next.In regards to the different aspect ratio, although I don know for sure it likely that the video image is a 16:9 cropped version of a 4:3 still. Meaning they cut off the top and bottom of the image for video.So this is where you can use aspect ratio calculators online to work out the horizontal height of the sensor/backplate. Scale them down so they match the horizontal size in mm of your sensor, then measure the vertical height canada goose jacket outlet uk of the 16:9 box. You then have your full sensor size and really 8.8mm focal legnth. And can now start tracking.Some programs can calculate the last bit for you but not all do. But it useful to know if you want to do really accurate tracking.One thing worth looking into with tracking is rolling shutter, it can be a pain if it noticable, it not just the slant, it the temporal issues with rolling shutter too. It might not be an issue but know about rolling shutter in regards to match moving will be useful for you.I would like to see if anyone else recognises the time line that I remeber.In about 2007 2008 ish, police were being really heavy handed with cannabis, a lot of arrests for growing and dealing. This created a of good weed and we had gangs, removing the resin from the bud and replacing it with ground up glass, creating what we called grit weed. I don know for all areas of the country but this was certainly the case in Yorkshire. If you got grit weed you just throw it away. Any good weed would just disappear quick because of the demand and this also caused the biggest price hike in weed prices.It was about this time that spice started being available in head shops. People thought that this was an alternative to weed and you could buy it easily. Then people started fucking up on spice and it now has become such a sad state of affairs, where inner cities are littered with spice casualties. It really sad.I honestly think if weed was legal spice would have never even gained a foothold in the UK.Edit. Also grit weed seems to still be a thing in 2018. The damage caused by that is canada goose outlet eu also going to be tragic.Convert the military industry to stop focusing on war and start focusing on humanitarian aid. Using public pressure built up during stage 1. Countries can stop waving their dicks about how many nukes they have and create a new metaphorical arms race about helping people in catastrophes and making defenses and preparation for up coming climate disasters. Using competition for status amongst countries will be important and has to be leveraged.All it takes is for some countries to lead the way and set some great examples and others will follow.Though a hard thing to visualise working I can see a path for step 2 to work as long as step 1 is mature enough.Bam you just got rid of one of the largest polluters in the world, the military and can focus canada goose outlet online uk more efforts on business and consumerism.Step 3We now live in a world with out large scale war or at least the threat of it. Naturally the issues that we would become more concerned about would be humanitarian and environmental issues. Without such a threat of war governments become less needed and humans, with the help of technology, can manage their own uncorruptable democratic systems that fit their requirements very well. Whilst communicating with other communities around the world to improve the world and canada goose outlet seattle retain culture and diversity. Humans generally want to do good and getting people involved in politics at a local level will give people a sense of pride canadagoosejacketsoutsale about the environment. Having big government look after it all just makes people think there nothing they can do or it someone else problem.Yeah it hard to really put it all in a small bit of text, and idealistic but I see a path that could work and lead more towards a utopia than forcing everyone by controlling them.

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