The most important is that it is half elite troops

Because of your municipality putin, the entire nation assumes bizarre scenes and tragic deaths morning, noon, evening, ayah! What’s this! It’s nasty!…
2018 there is no good you and you know that your end is close!!!
Multiplied your occult actions!!! Do what you do But one thing is certain no one will be able to prevent the awakening as spiritual as physical that is announced on Ivory Coast because Ivory Coast is a nation which belongs to the Eternal God of the Armies by Jesus Christ. Christ our Lord…

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the artists especially because these people hold a little the sensitivity of the people by their art and they influence their admirers.
I am doing this post, frankly I hope the last on the little angel BOOBA

WHEN you say that the people are in solidarity, for the BUZZ, you realize? COLUCHE did the restaurants of the heart it was for the buzz?

MICHELE OBAMA gave a sign for the girls held by BOKO HARAM, was it for the buzz? all the other artists and influential businessmen around the world who have had this surge of solidarity, it was for the buzz?

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